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Gardener Dan's Greenhouse


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This greenhouse belongs to Gardener Dan, a hardworking minifig with a green thumb! A few years ago, he built this amazing greenhouse. Now, gardening has grew into a profound hobby for him!

Gardener Dan's first task of the day is to harvest the carrots in his greenhouse. He pulls his newly acquired wheelbarrow over to the greenhouse, and comes back out with a bundle of shiny, orange carrots. Gardener Dan loads them into his wheelbarrow, humming a cheerful tune, and rolls the barrow away.

Next, Farmer Dan needs to transfer some baby cypress saplings to his flower garden, hoping to plant them there next to his beds of flowers. He loads them into his wagon and drives to the garden. He passes the beds of pink roses and petunias, and even eyes a family of curious squirrels watching him from behind the large oak tree nearby. He unloads the trees, hoping to construct a planter box for them soon...

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