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Lego Star Wars Pelta Class Medical Frigate


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The Pelta-class frigate is a highly modular capital ship used by the Galactic Republic personnel as both medical frigate and cargo frigate during the Clone Wars. This medical variant of Pelta-class frigate is painted with the characteristic red markings of the Republic Navy. 
In order to more smoothly maneuver through space, the frigate is capable of opening up a set of wings, 
to expose smaller auxiliary engines.The wings are usually folded up to minimize the ship's profile.


2698 Bricks
Two removable Escapepods
Bridge with two Seats
Com-Link Station
Medical Room with Bacta-Tank
Large Medical Room with two camp beds
High-Detailed Structures
two folding wings
no armament
27 inches long
9 inches wide min
6 inches high

With Four Clone Troopers
Two medical Droids
One Astro-mech
One Clone Pilot
One Jedi ( Shaak Ti )

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