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The Skate Park

This is my LEGO skate park I was thinking of a set idea to put on Lego Ideas and I thought of building a skate park so I did.
The Build
The build is split up into 5 sections and has 156 pieces it has 4 ramps, 1 skating deck, and 3 minifigures it only has 156 pieces but it is very detailed. There is 1 big ramp, 1 medium ramp, 1 small ramp, and 1 tall ramp.

Skating Deck- 42 pieces
Big ramp- 29 pieces
Medium ramp-22 pieces
Small ramp- 8 pieces
Tall ramp-18 pieces

The Minifigures
There are 3 Minifigures each minifigure has a skateboard and a skate board helmet, mostly every part to the figures is exclusive. Please Support

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