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Fairmont A-5 Speeder


This is a Fairmont A-5 speeder, produced for inspection and maintenance of the U.S. and Canada's railroad system. It is a common model of speeder but the cab varies from railroad to railroad based on each compoany's needs. This particular build is modeled after Lehigh Valley Railroad #7473, and the prototype is privately owned in Gilbertsville, PA, operated at the Wanamaker, Kemptyon, And Southern Railroad in Kempton, PA. It is a fairly simple build and should be about 10 USD. A bit of history from Jeff's WK&S Railroad Pages: "The car (7473) has an LV cab and was re-engined at some point with a Chevy 250. 7473 was probably not the car's original number, however, it was numbered somewhere in the 74xx series. The WK&S began using the car in the early to mid-1990s." As always please subscribe, and comment for updates.

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