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Сabin In The Forest


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Somewhere in the forest, on the rocky shores of the ocean, stands a small cabin of Bobby Marshall. And once friends from all over the world come to him, because this is the most calm, beautiful and secluded place on Earth.
Here you can sink to the bottom and watch the fish, feed the old shark Barbara, with whom Bobby was friends for many years.
Here you can ride a bungee jumping and jump into the water, take a bath, watching sunsets and sunrises, and most importantly - enjoy life and peace.

Bobby is a big fishing enthusiast! Susie plays with him and convinces: it is better to clean the bottom of the ocean from garbage than to fish.

The appearance resembles the MOCs so beloved by many, however, given the composition, it all has the classic Lego look (which we are so any). The building itself is very stable and small, the surface is partially hollow, but contains enough bricks to make it a solid base for the cabin.


Bobby Marshall
Baby Tim

I hope you enjoy playing and typing.

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