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Modular Medical Center

In the modular houses series, there is a lack of a medical center, which is why I have chosen to build a medical center. I have become a big fan of the modular houses, and have now expanded my own collection of modular houses with a medical center. I think I'm not the only one, who would like a medical center for the collection of modular houses.

I have chosen to put a large arch on the building to give it more fullness. With the new rounded bricks, it has managed to give the building a natural round extension facing the street. That is also the reason why I have used 2522 LEGO bricks.

The house has 2 floors.
On the first floor, the doctor's house is located, I have chosen that there should be figures in each room to give it a little more life and action inside. In the consultation room, a doctor is explaining something about a bone, and therefore the doctor holds the bone up to the patient. The secretary she has got a surfboard as a work table.
You can also go exploring and see what happens to the various consultation rooms.
On the first floor is a home with a greenhouse attached to the home.
It is the modern home with an open kitchen to the living room, from the living room there is access to the house balcony from which the house owner can look out over the others modular houses. There is just one children's room for the boy.
I finish the house with a different roof construction and with attic windows, which are really only decorative windows.
With all the seagulls, I have tried to give it a little maritime feel.

Now I just need you to support my idea.