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Storm Chasers Tim Samaras Truck

This is my Moc of Tim Samaras’s GMC Sierra Pick-up Truck from the TV show Storm Chasers. It is built to Minifigure scale. This model is incredibly detailed and realistic to the real life truck. The scale is completely accurate to real life from the length, to the width, to the tire size. The truck is the vehicle of Tim Samaras and his crew from the TV show storm chasers. He used it to drive near tornados and deploy his probe. He also used it as a mobile radar.

I built it because I always loved watching storm chasers and I loved the different unique vehicles that each team used. I also have built the Dominator and TIV2, but they are based off other peoples Lego builds, and I don’t want to steal their builds. I believe that it would be a great set either by itself or with the other vehicles. The set could have a Lego tornado and maybe a building or some scenery to create a scene from the show. Thanks so much for viewing!

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