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City Hall


Have you ever wondered where all the decisions about your Lego City was made?

They are made in the city hall! Here is the roman inspired place where all the decisions about the city's future is made. (Well not all maybe all, I mean not what your citizens eat)

The city hall is made in a roman style. It has a big meeting room for big decisions, workspace for two employees, a lobby with a reception and a vault with gold, money and a diamond. (Great place for naps. Ahem I mean for hard work). The meeting room is decorated with small statues of important persons in the city's history and also objects from important events.

Why do I believe this could be a nice Lego set? I think every city needs a city hall and the Lego City theme does not have a city hall set. I tried to make it look good however also easy to play with. Therefore it is only 10 to 14 Lego studs deep.

Last but not least, thanks for viewing my project and thanks once more if you supported it. Thanks even more if you shared it! If you have any questions regarding the project please write a comment and I will try to answer. If you have any feedback to give please let me know.


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