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Aries Gunship


My Aries Gunship is my new project of 391 bricks.

This is an armored gunship, equiped with :

  • Two littles guns ( for short range ) at the end of the littles wings
  • Two guns ( for medium range ) on both sides of the cockpit
  • One quadrupled gun ( for long range ) on the roof ( this is a turret which turns )
  • Two rockets launchers of two rockets each ( above guns for medium range ).

The roof with the turret can be taken off and the door in back can be opened.

Rockets can be shot and the guns of medium range can turn.

The wings can change their inclination.

The pilot has a chair with a driving post. Two auxiliary posts are in back ( for arms, ... ).

An antenna is in the roof.

The front of this gunship acts as an aries.

This gunship can go in space like in the air.

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