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Winter Holiday Hut


Hi people,

If you are reading this, then that means you clicked on my project (hooray!) which makes me happy considering this is my first project so far.

You clicked on this because of curiosity, and I do hope you enjoy this LEGO set!

This is just a little set I decided to create, because I had some time left over but I am proud for what I've managed to create. I tried to make that look that it is a tiny hut you might go to when you decide to go skiing in the Alps. I tried to also replicate that feeling of that wooden hut by adding compact areas within it - fire place, chairs and beds. I also included a little fence around it, because it made it look better.


  • - Removable roof
  • - Removable beds
  • - Light-up fire
  • - Two (2) minifigures

Keep Building!

Regards, Ryan Wilson

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