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Jaguar F-Type Speed Champions


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As you can read in the title this is my attempt of a Jaguar F-Type. It is built with the same style and proportions as the original LEGO Speed Champions series. Although the speed champions use lots of stickers to capture some of the key elements of a car I really wanted the front with the unique inlets to be brick built. The interior can hold a minifig and is equipped with a steering wheel. 

The car perfectly fits in the Speed Champions series because it uses the same key elements as the official cars. It has the same baseplate, fenders, windscreen, axles and wheels. I also used the officials cars as a reference and inspiration to make it even better. I am not quite sure about the spoiler yet so I posted an image without it.

As you might already have guessed I am a big fan of the Speed champions series and the Jaguar F-Type is one of my favourite cars. So I would really like to see this become an official set. I hope you like my work and please ask me if you need any more pictures.

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