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Ultimate Space Lord


In a cybernetic age, where most humans and creations are cyberized, technologies advances to their very peak. Due to the rapid increase in intelligence, many people suddenly want to take and shape the world to their own desire by any means neccessary. Earth falls into chaos, the Great wars cause the population to be massively reduced. Taking the advantage of the warring Earth, creatures from all over the Universe gather on Earth to feed on resources. Some even pretend to offer help with alien technologies to lower Earth's population even further. One cyberized man, clad in red armor, rises and swears to bring the Universe and Earth back into order.  He sets on an adventure to conquer lands, planets, worlds with not only power but reasons as well. His supreme combat skills and reasoning ability make his foes call him "Lord of Order" and become his armies. After countless battles and victories, he unites all planets, bring peace among worlds and every living creatures are under his rule. He is the Ultimate space lord. After a long peaceful time, a evil cyber appears, Grimos the Destroyer from a parallel universe. After destroying his entire world, he somehow finds his way to this universe with only one purpose: to destroy all creations. He doesn't come alone, his whole mighty cyber army is with him. How will space lord face the new threat to the order of his world?

The lord's favorite weapon is a plasma sword and a shotgun binded with a twin rocket lauchers (Starsaber and The Purger).


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  • Sturdy structures
  • Fully poseable legs
  • Awesome gun and sword

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