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Electro-Motive Division, diesel engine


  This is a model of a grey diesel engine from the Electromotive Division. A great set for any Lego or train fans no matter what gender.

  The locomotive has a decorated interior with a space for the driver.Has movable levers and dial.The locomotive has a white stripe, and white grills.

  I included two carts.Both are attached, but contain different cargo.Both carts are orange, and built in the same way.Cargo: a container or eight tires, eight identical boxes, two boulders from a mine, and an electric train device.  

  A railroad crossing is included with a green, white, and black car to go across it.The crossing bars can be opened, and there is a ramp.

  Three mini figures are included: a male train operator, a crossing controller, and an elderly man as the car driver.


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