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Concert of Lego

The buildable boys' band have founded an auditorium to offer all their fans the rock music we love so much. Gather all your minifigures and create a crowd crazed by the rock music that will run through their ears.

  • Includes
-2884 pieces
-7 minifigures, (to which I decided to invent a stage name): Bob Chris (Bassist), Larry Jones (Vocalist), Henry Teck (keyboard player), Mark Marcus (guitarist), Dylan Endor (drummer), band manager, and a one technical assistant.
-Musical instruments accesories: Drums, Electric guitar (green), Bass (wine), Keyboard and 3 microphone bases.
-It also contains multiple colored lights, two reflectors and two pairs of speakers of different sizes.

  • Backstage:

 - 1 Bathroom

- 1 Cosmetic and makeup room

- 1 Technical and sound room

- Living room

- Exclusive room for band members

It also includes buildable stairs that connect the backstage with the entrance to the stage.

If everything is ready, turn on the reflectors and let the show begin!