Product Idea

Medieval Blacksmith Shop

5,000!! Authentic Blacksmith


Thanks to the great people (Paul) at the Wade House in Greenbush, WI for the photos and tour!⚒⚔🛡🐐

Thanks for your continued interest and support!😄


Thanks for 4,000!! Still 400 days to vote if you like...


Happy to reach 4k today...Let's get this going castle fans!!!

Thanks again for the continued support...some people think it's too complicated but it can be built easily with hinge elements! 

Medieval Blacksmith Shop on Display! Thanks for 1000 Supporters!!


Thanks to everyone who supported this Medieval Blacksmith Shop. I had a blast designing and building it!⚒⚔🛡🏹

2 weeks ago it was on display at Brickworld Chicago and got alot of positive feedback...I still have a way to go so please continue to share the project. If anyone has some ideas on good places to post this for support please let me know :) 

Thanks for your continued interest/support!!