Product Idea

Retro Ace Hardware Store

Welcome to Retro Ace Hardware Store. This store has all of your construction mini figure needs. Inside, there is a fully detailed interior. To the right, there is a bolt and other loose hardware rack. To the left, there is a lumber rack with three different types of lumber. Also to the left, there is a full tool wall. On the wall, there are hammers, wrenches or spanners, drivers, and a shovel. In the back, there is a cash register and a wall shelf. On the wall shelf, there are two faucets and two spools of pipe. There is even a contractor's pick up. There are two doors on the side for contractor's pickup. In front of the store, there are two street lamps. The building features a classic light grey with a beige brick. On the roof, there is a retro Ace Hardware logo. This set includes three mini figures two customers and an employee.

This set would sell for about $40 US currency based on parts.

Thanks very much for the support. Don't forget to share on social media and other Lego websites to make this set a reality.