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ExoSolar's DynaMax Hover Truck with Pulsion Crane


Whether it is loading a mecha's arm into the bed for transport to the repair facility or the ore from mining operations on Zarthus IVb ExoSolar's DynaMax Hover Truck with Pulsion Crane will do the job. No terrain is too rough and no load is too heavy for this heavy duty, frontier workhorse to tackle. ExoSolar Corp. is so confident the DynaMax's performance will meet your challenge that if you purchase one in the next two months ExoSolar will guarantee the hover and pulsion system for ten Eranthu years.*

The DynaMax comes with the following features to tackle your toughest challenge;

  1. 1 driver mini fig
  2. 1 loader mini fig with cybernetic leg
  3. 2 side open storage compartments with additional tow chains
  4. pulsion crane capable of rotating and equipped with a hand crank to allow the builder to raise and lower then pulsor head
  5. moveable spotlight
  6. front load bed with drop door
  7. 2 under mounted heavy duty hover pulsion drive nacelles

Enjoy the DynaMax's utility in any of your sci-fi  settings or just as plain fun.

* Guarantee only applies when using the DynaMax in accordance with ExoSolar's user manual and when serviced by ExoSolar authorized maintenance 'bots. One Eranthu year as measured by the orbit of Eranthu around the gas Giant Hantun is equivalent to one hundred thirteen Earth days.

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