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A nice boat with anchor and buoys. It could be used as a fishing boat, or just as a speed boat. It is very detailed and everything fits together perfectly.  I built this for because I couldn't find any LEGO boats of this size, most were either too big or too small.  I enjoyed working on this and am happy with the final project.  This would make a great lego set because of its beauty, its intricate, sleek design and its playability.  It has an anchor which fits snuggly into a hatch and a large deck on which you can put many minifigs as well as two buoys that can be used for docking.

This is the second version, the first one being built with physical pieces mostly from Benny's Spaceship. It is also pictured below.  I hope this project makes it far asI think many people would enjoy it.  The pictures do not do justice to its full detail and playability which can only be experienced when one sees it in its physical form.

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