Product Idea

Mil Mi-24 Coast Guard

Hi everybody!

I am glad to present you the result of my imagination - Mil Mi-24 helicopter in the variant of the coast guard. It is painted in the colors of the official sets theme Lego City "Coast Guard" - white, orange and blue.

Number of parts: 1006 pcs.

Sizes of model

  • Length: 54,4 cm, 68 stud
  • Width of the fuselage: 4,8 cm, 6 stud
  • Full width: 19,2 cm, 24 stud
  • Height: 15,2 cm, 19 stud
  • Rotor diameter: 44 cm, 55 stud


  • Opening doors (one hinged "up and down", and the second - sliding)
  • Movable spotlight
  • Retractable landing gear

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P.S. I do not know much English, so I used a translator but I hope the meaning of his theme, I will tell true :)