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Technic Snow Groomer


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This is a smaller-scale Technic snow groomer.

It is fully operational with a versatile plow, crane, and winch. Gears on the back and top of the model control the plow to raise and lower, and swing from side to side. Another gear on the back rotates the crane and a gear on top adjusts its angle. I winch is attached to the top of the crane to secure the machine when it travels down on steep slopes.

This model has a excellent variety of pieces, which make it the perfect set to break and rebuild into something else. There is an abundance of long Technic beams, rods, axles, gears, panels, and tracks to make anything that you could imagine! The color scheme also allows for a variety of combinations when constructing it into another model.

The model includes 309 pieces and I estimate the price should be around $25-$35.

Thank you for checking out my model idea! I appreciate any supporters!

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