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LEGO DC Comics MicroHeroes Dice Battles


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Have you ever wondered what would happen if Superman fought Batman? Or if Wonder Woman and the Joker fought Lex Luthor? Well, with LEGO DC Comics MicroHeroes Dice Battles, now you can find out for yourself (sort of)! Choose your heroes (or villains!), roll the dice, and start battling! Here's how it works:

Each character "sheet" (The ones with lots of red studs on them) has a microfig in the upper left corner that corresponds to a character. To select a character, grab a copy of the microfig on the chosen character sheet and place it on one of the three slots on your base (blue or red checkered plates in the middle). Once both players have selected three characters and placed them on their base, the game is set up, and you're ready to battle!

How to Play:

First, decide who goes first. By default, the youngest player goes first. Each time it is your turn, the following must happen:

1. Any character from your base may trade places with the current character in the middle. The character in the middle is the character that will take damage from your opponent's attacks, unless otherwise specified.

2. Decide which character you will attack with. Each character sheet lists three attack types: Yellow, orange, and red. Yellow attacks are common, as they appear three times on each die, and don't do much damage. Orange attacks are less common, as they appear twice on each die, and do average damage, sometimes with special effects. Red attacks are rare, as they appear only once on each die, and can be massively damaging, with often game-changing effects. The printing on the three attacks tiles from your selected character's sheet should match the tiles on their die. Make sure you use the die that corresponds to your selected attacking character.

3. Roll your selected character's die. Check the damage of the attack it landed on and take that many red "health" studs from the character sheet of your opponent's middle character unless otherwise specified. Check any special effects the attack may have and follow them according to the guide (Ex: Fire symbol could mean a Burning effect, meaning the targeted character loses a few health every turn for a few turns).

4. If one of your attacks reduces the health of any of your opponent's characters to zero, that character's microfig, character sheet, and die must be moved to their "defeated" pile for the rest of the game, where they cannot be used.

5. On your opponent's turn, any characters on your base that are not in the middle slot gain one health point. This does not apply to characters that have already lost all their health.

Winning the Game:

The game ends when all your opponent's characters are in their defeated pile. If both teams are completely defeated at the same time, whoever performed the attack that defeated the teams wins.

This set would include two bases (Blue and red), six characters, character sheets, and attack dice, including the Joker (purple), Batman (gray), Lex Luthor (green), Superman (blue), the Cheetah (yellow), and Wonder Woman (red), as well as sixty easy to remove "health" tokens. There are 278 pieces, 66 of which would require printing. A guidebook would also be necessary to explain the rules.

I think this would be a fun LEGO set for multiple reasons. For starters it allows you to battle using LEGO versions of your favorite DC Comics characters, and the sheets and dice can even be customized for new versions of characters. You can even use your own microfigures and the printed attack tiles to add brand new characters! In addition, all of the parts included in this set already exist, and would only need new printing to complete the set. The randomness of the dice also require you to make strategic character choices if you want to win. There are no attacks planned as of yet, but here are some examples: Superman: Yellow Attack: Super Punch (2 damage); Orange Attack: Heat Vision (3 damage and Burning effect (1 damage per turn) for two turns); Red Attack: Super Flare (5 damage to all of you and your opponent's characters). This would simply require some brainstorming on the part of the design team. And, if it were successful, it would be easy to design new characters to sell as add-on packs, though this set would still be a lot of fun on its own. One final note: The Cheetah could also be an orange microfig if you wanted to have the Barbara Ann Minerva Cheetah/Were-Cheetah.

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