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Secret of the Orbs


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Secret of the Orbs is a rpg game created by my ROBLOX buddy, matblack7. After a few months in the making of this game which will be available for download soon, I thought, "Hmmm.. what if I make some LEGO sets that have to do with the game?" So, this would be my idea of sets that would be in the game.

Spider Ninja Polybag Set. Comes FREE with orders of $60 or more. Includes 3 minfigures: TNH the Spider Ninja, Matt the Spider Ninja, and Lord Garmadon.

The Saiyan Showdown. Contains 59 pieces. Includes 4 minifigures: TNH the Super Saiyan, Matthew Duel, Matt as the Spider Ninja, and Starscream.

The Final Battle. Contains 65 pieces. Includes 5 minifigures: TNH the Super Saiyan, Matt as the Ultimate Spider Ninja, Matthew Duel, James the Super Saiyan, and the Epic Fire Lord of the Undead.

Matblack HQ. Contains 428 pieces. Includes 5 minifigures: TNH, Matthew Duel, James, Matt, and the security guard (located in the main lobby)

Character Bios (I will be moving these to my Facebook account):
TNH: Spider Ninja, Super Saiyan, controls fire, Home world: LEGOLAND, enemy: Starscream
Matt: Spider Ninja, works like a soldier, enemy: to be announced, Secret ability: Unknown
Matthew Duel: controls ice, weilds swords, enemy: to be announced
James: Archer

NOTE: The look of the sets are not announced yet. I just tried my best to create the scene itself.

"Secret of the Orbs: The Movie" will be on my YouTube channel, which is 1tjmac12, so hold tight!!

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