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Burr Puzzle


This is a fully functional Burr Puzzle.  What is a Burr Puzzle?  Burr puzzles are typically wooden puzzles in which different shaped pieces come together to form some sort of interestingly shaped sculpture.  The challenge typically is building it back after its been taken apart.  The Burr Puzzle I created was made after a type of more unconventional Burr Puzzle I recently found on the internet.

In this Burr Puzzle, pieces are inserted into a frame in the correct order in order for all pieces to fit inside.  It is actually a challenge to both take this puzzle apart and put it back together.  Pieces must be shifted around in the correct order to release each piece, until they can all be taken out.  Then the same thing will have to happen in order to fit the pieces back into the frame.

In pictures 1 and 2, pieces are shifted around in the puzzle and one piece is freed.  All pieces have been successfully removed in picture 3.  But putting them back in may take some time (picture 4).

Other forms of this puzzle can be created with Legos.  The individual pieces in this puzzle are different colors, but if they were all the same color, this would be an even more challenging puzzle!

Thank you for checking this project out!

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