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1948 Caterpillar D8 Cable Dozer


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Have fun in the dirt with this 1948 Caterpillar D8 Cable Dozer. I built this Caterpillar Bulldozer because I wanted to make something that was easy to operate, but was fun to drive around, and looked like the real thing too! This would be a great Lego Technic set because it's got a cool look, bright yellow paint and you can move dirt with it too.   


Bright yellow paint.

A Tow chain. 

A cable to lift the front blade.

2 L Motors geared up to 1.67:1 to drive both of its tracks.

2 IR receivers to help drive the bulldozer.

A IR controller to operate tracks and a IR Speed controller for lifting the front blade.

Under the hood is a battery box to power the model.

And a few last touches like a smoke stack and air cleaner. 

Thanks for reading, and please comment, follow or even support so it can become a Lego Technic set! 




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