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Falcon 9 Block-5 Crew Dragon


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Are you ready for the future?
On May 30, 2020, they launched the Crew Dragon Demo-2 mission, the first manned SpaceX mission, where NASA also contributed, with the crew of two astronauts: Bob Behnken and Douglas Hurley, bound for the ISS.
I built it because I am interested in this mission as it is the lastest Crew Dragon capsule test and the first SpaceX manned mission.
I built it because I saw the NASA Apollo Saturn V and I like it, so I set myself a challenge: Why can't I make a MOC with the platform, and with less than 1000 pieces? , and I got to work, the result is what you see above.
- 714 bricks
- Bob Behnken and Douglas Hurley minifigures and microfigures
- A tower
- A rocket

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