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Urban Sustainable Transport System


Add the new sustainable transportation system to your CITY

Pollution is a very serious problem in our cities, and we need sustainable transportation systems to fight it.

This bicycle rental system is the perfect complement to combat pollution in our cities. With the two bicycle parking stations, citizens can rent and return a bicycle.

When you want to pick up a bicycle, go to the column with the computer and enter your user code. You can pick up the bicycle now. Simply connect the bike to the rack and the system will detect that you have returned it.

An employee of the rental system may add bicycles to stations that are empty. With his electric vehicle and trailer he can transport up to 5 bicycles.

When the battery of the vehicle runs out, you can go to the electric charger to recharge it.

  • The set includes 3 minifigures: two female users and one employee of the bike rental system.
  • there are 2 bicycle stations, numbered 1 and 2, where you can pick up or return the bicycles.
  • It includes 2 extra pieces with numbers 3 and 4 to expand your bicycle rental system.
  • 6 bicycles are waiting to be rented.
  • An electric vehicle is used to transport bicycles from one station to another. It also includes bicycle repair tools.
  • The trailer can transport up to 5 bicycles and has a ramp to load and unload them.
  • The electric charger allows charging the electric vehicle in a few minutes, connecting the charging hose to the front of the van.
  • Rent a bike and return it by simply connecting it to the rack
  • Carries bicycles from one station to another.
  • Charge the van using the super-charger.

Note: On May 2018, I launched the first rental system of the LEGO City in the HispaBrick Magazine Anniversary set. This is the evolution of the system.