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The Polar Express


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Get ready for your trip to the North Pole aboard the Polar Express! This set is based off the beloved children's book by Chris Van Allsburg, and is sure to transport you on a marvelous adventure! Re-enact your favorite scenes, as the Polar Express races northward. 

This set features removable roofs, and other feature that bring the models to life. Lounge in the passenger car, and enjoy a hot cocoa, or explore the roof and get to know the traveling hobo, as he offers you a cup of "joe"! Head to the hog, and help man the controls! 

This is a simplified representation of the Polar Express prototype. I have chosen to leave the driving rods out of the equation as it made the set too complicated and ideally, i'd like it to be a challenge for the younger folks interested in the model, yet detailed and whimsical enough to be enjoyed by older generations. The model base has been tested and will navigate curves.

The model is power functions adaptable, with the battery box being located in the tender of the train. With power functions added, the front head light will function in a "Fiber optic way" with the light piece located within the boiler. this will also help illuminate the ash-pan glow under the fire box.  

The mini figures are not set in stone and are only shown as representations of what they should be as LDD has limited choices for attire. I'd also like to see some decals and accent stickers added into the mix. 

As always, comments and critiques are always appreciated.

Set includes,





Large Black Locomotive and Tender (with power functions optional) 

Observation Car (detailed interior, and exchangeable roof feature.)

Large Oval of Track


Believe Tickets

The concept is here, the cocoa is hot, the Polar Express is ready, all that matters now is - 

                                                            "are you coming?..."



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