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Lego Speed Boat and Car


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This is my very first Lego project I am submitting and am hoping it will become a Lego set.  I decided to build a Lego speed boat and car because I am really into cars and speed boats.  I have built a lot of Lego car kits before and have gone on YouTube to copy other models of cars people have posted.  This one I was able to design and build by myself, without help from my mom or any instructions.  It is made from the pieces I have at home.  I decided to add a boat to the project because I like it when kits have more than one thing to build and play with when done.  I imagine the car would tow the boat to the water and mini-figures could then ride around in the boat for a day at the lake.   

My car is the larger item on the right in the picture.  I used lots of gray and green pieces trying to keep the same colors throughout the car.  I put a license plate attached to the front bumper (between the green pieces) and have some seat sticking up toward the back of the car.  Next to it, I have my speed boat.  It has the ability to actually float in water!  It also has a spoiler in the back to make it more wind resistant and a sloping piece on the front bumper to help make it more aerodynamic. 

I hope this can become an official Lego set.  Please support my project and I hope you enjoy it.

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