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Little Witch Academia: Blytonbury Terminal

Little Witch Academia (リトルウィッチアカデミア) is an anime produced by studio Trigger, two films (2013, 2015) and a 25 part series (2017).

In a world where magic is fading, Atsuko 'Akko' Kagari is enthralled by a Shiny Chariot magic show and years later enrols in the Luna Nova Academy to learn witchcraft. After finding Chariot's wand, the Shiny Rod, Akko makes it her mission to master its secrets and one day return it to her hero. Despite having no magical background and very little talent, she is determined to become the greatest of witches and bring back the wonder of magic to the world.

This was an action packed show filled with comedy, drama and a wonderful storyline. The characters are all unique and the setting of Luna Nova has plenty to explore. Here I have replicated locations and scenes from the opening episode where Akko first meets her friends Lotte and Sucy.

The Blytonbury Terminal tower is inspired by the tower on Glastonbury Tor, but it is overrun with tree roots and houses the magical leyline gateway only accessible by broomstick. On the approach to the tower lies the stone bridge where we first encounter the less than helpful Sucy.

In order to replicate these locations I first modelled Glastonbury Tor and then altered it based on footage from the series and added the bridge location. The set is made in sections to make it easy to assemble and includes a removable 'leyline gateway' within the tower. I have also added a section of pathway allowing the two locations to be linked in different arrangements.

In total this model has around 2970 pieces and includes a couple of broomsticks, a transparent stand and clips to help pose the figures in flight, the animated soft bird toy and the other various accessories the characters had in these scenes. Of course, I had to include one of Akko's prize possessions: a rare Chariot card, recreated using LEGO versions of Chariot with Shiny Rod.

I hope you like this model and remember, a believing heart is your magic!

Support this and my other models and hopefully one day... #LegoDoesAnime.

Disclaimer: All logos and imagery from the original anime have been redesigned and recreated to comply with LEGO Ideas submission requirements.

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