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Robot Pianist


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Hi everyone!
This time I built a piano-playing lego robot.

  1. Description:
  • made up of 200 bricks,
  • has a head that rotates 360 degrees to the left and right,
  • by moving left and right at the same time, it also moves the hands (the head pushes them out), which then play the piano,
  • the piano has six white and two black keys,
  • has five main strings (under the cover) and smaller strings underneath,
  • the piano has a lid that can be opened and snapped onto a lever that can also be lifted,
  • all on a smooth platform (mini-stage).

I got the idea by accident. I first realised it at relanosta, and later at Lego Digital Designer and Studi.o.

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If you will or have already supported my Lego Pianist, thank you very much. If you don't like it, at least thank me here for looking at it. Have a nice day!😉

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