Shark Submarine with Secret Police Crew

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LEGO SHARK SUBMARINE AND SECRET POLICE CREW - The Secret Police Agents roam the depths of the ocean in this camouflaged craft, locating and apprehending any underwater villains and bringing them to justice!
This submarine is equipped with all the latest high-tech computer equipment and underwater scuba gear required to easily capture spies and other deep sea pirates!
This sub is equipped with front and rear missile launchers to protect itself from ocean attack, and a central periscope in the cabin area to spy on the enemy before their capture.
Its sleek shark design allows it to invade any territory unnoticed in its quest to keep the deep ocean waters safe from enemy invasion!

The secret police agents employs other underwater secret subs to seek out the rogues of the deep sea, including the deep sea squid (pictured) which also carries secret police agents into the ocean depths to apprehend the enemy. Other secret police subs, including the deep sea penguin and the deep sea seal (not pictured) complete this set of secret police agent submarines all LEGO fans will enjoy playing with!

There is seating for four cabin crew. Each secret police officer has been extensively and secretly trained to navigate the sub, track the enemy, and perform all essential underwater police activities.

High-tech computer equipment is closely monitored at all times to allow for the easy detection, tracking and ultimately the capture of any unwanted ships, boats, or other underwater villains.

The trap-door in the cabin floor allows all the secret police to easily exit the sub and capture the enemy.