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Oliver's Fruit Bar Stand


This set is based on an event that happened in the hit Nickelodeon sit-com, Henry Danger. The show is about a kid who becomes the sidekick to a superhero, but it's the supporting characters that keep this interesting. Oliver is a unique, weird boy, who does strange things. One day, he wanted to make money and his friend said "Make a lemonade stand!" However Oliver misinterpreted this and he heard "Make A Fruit Bar Stand!" 

The first customer he received was the sidekick's sister, Piper who has anger management problems. She comes for lemonade but gets really angry when she finds out he is selling fruit bars instead. Their conflict makes this show worthwhile to watch. So, since I love Henry Danger a lot, so I wanted to make this set. Please support me! This set consists of two figures, Piper, the girl in the pink, and Oliver, the boy in the blue. Piper is holding a one hundred dollar bill, hoping to buy lemonade. The set is basically a lemonade stand style of set. It has a tray with fruit bars on it so Oliver can leave the stand and still manage too sell fruit bars. This set would appeal to everyone, as it is an easy build, I think.

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