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Lego Ultimate Puzzle Box


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This is a challenging puzzle. Of course there are other Puzzle Boxes out there but this one is truly ultimate! With 5 different steps it will leave you confused! With your help we can make it real! Please support!

 The box itself is very challenging because of its complex structure and parts. It is blue, white, gray, and black. I thought these colors were necessary to make the model really pop! A puzzle box is a disguised model that requires multiple steps to solve, and once you've solved it you get a prize! In this case, it is a gold brick.

I built this model because I had a lot of Lego bricks and I've always wanted to design a set. Once I heard about Lego Ideas I got really excited! I am also having a little money trouble and 1 percent of the profits is good enough for me.

I think this will make a great set because the human mind has always wanted to figure things out and I think this is perfect for that. I think people of all ages will enjoy this. With all the parts it includes you could design your own puzzle box!     

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