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Lego Future City Police Car


The year is 2476. After the use of fossil fuels has come to an end and more effective forms of energy are used, it was possible to use the Repulsertechnologie. Through these vehicles can fly and hover permanent building. Welcome to the Future Lego City. In this city all of our time is similar but somehow everything is completely different.

With this set, I present the police vehicle, a floating car with aerodynamic shape, a wide cockpit, siren and cool police minifigure.
In addition, I will give an insight into the floating world. It is a floating lights with phase hologram. And for the hunger zwischendruch a floating kebab shop.

Floating light: 33 parts
Floating kebab shop with Mini Figure: 163 parts
Hover police car with Mini Figure: 289 parts
TOTAL: 485 parts