Product Idea

Micro Bowling

Hey guys!!! So I figured out how to change my username finally, and like every time I can't find something, it was staring me right in the face, but anyway, I am MattTheWaffleCat now!! So, continuing on to the project. As you guys know, I've already made another bowling project and for what ever reason, decided to make a second one. So this one is on a much smaller scale. It has only 3 pins for lack of space, a table and chairs, a lane, ball return, a screen, one of those thingies you use to set up a game, and a bowling ball. It has a part count of 105 pieces. So, yeah, I guess that's everything, so as always, remember to support and take a look at my other problems if it's not too inconvenient! Well I'll see y'all as soon as I can submit my next project (PS, it's a ping pong table)!