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Iron Man Desk-Toppers


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My most recent project is similar to my last few, being Bobble-head-like figures and all.

Some differences are the hands, the feet, the masks, and the chests.

The suits on the cover from left to right are: Mk 16 "Heart-Breaker", Mk 42, War-Machine, Classic/basic Iron Man (Possibly Mk 3) Mk 39 Star-Boost, and Mk 5--the suit-case suit from Iron Man 2.


They would make good display figures for any Marvel or Lego fan, and would not take up too much space on a desk.


Yes, this project will be open so update suggestions just like my previous ones, so feel free to tell me your favorite iron man suit!

Please support if you are a Lego Marvel fan, or just to be nice...

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