Product Idea

Lego Restaurant Project

Hello! This is my newest idea, The LEGO Restaurant Project. This set includes a car, 3 plates, pizza, a hamburger, pretzel, pie, and two glasses. It also includes the restaurant, and 6 minifigures, which are:

(In order of picture) 


Car Driver


3 Customers

As shown, to reveal the inside, the roof is hinged. This is for both playability and to show it off. The inside consists of a small kitchen for the chef and a few tables. For more seating, I have added tables on the roof.

Now, the little area on the top would, in the real world, would be where the staircase would leave to the roof. But, instead I put in a pod that you can do lots with. Put a minifigure in there, and it can be a teleport to a secret base!

So, this is The Lego Restaurant Project. Now, be sure to hit the Support button!