Product Idea

Moon Base

My creation is a gateway to a lunar base and I add a place where there are compressors and some antennas and communication, I think the space theme is fantastic and serves to complete other sets. This idea arose, after watching many space movies, more space elements are always necessary to further expand the borders of humanity and what better way to make it comfortable.
Always having a sector where to load oxygen bottles, so necessary for us humans.  The gate towards the base leaves it like this, since it can be put in front of your base, you build the base to suit you, as you like.  but the gate must be large and imposing, and very safe of course we do not want an alien monster to come and attack us.

As always in LEGO everything is expanding, I did not want to limit your construction, it is always open to continue and continue expanding your spatial creation.  just try to help with the door and the air bench.  I added before communication as they are always a problem.  losing communication on some colonization mission would be fatal, and we don't want an accident.

The construction time was around 6 hours, through and the quantity of pieces are 206 pieces, I hope you love my construction, and so the world can expand your spatial creation, which I think should be in fashion.