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JW Raptors


Presenting the Brick-Built Jurassic World: Raptor Training model.

This model features the scene from the Universal movie Jurassic World, "Raptor Training".  It has all four velociraptors, plus a buildable Owen.  From left to right, the raptors are: Charlie, Blue, Delta, and Echo.  Owen is exactly in scale with each raptor.


There are ball joints connecting every segment of the raptors, including one at the neck and spine, four on each leg, one on each arm, and three on the tail, giving it more than enough degrees of freedom for children to play with.  I've made a real test model, and it can easily stand up on its own.  I have also gotten it to stand on one hand without help.


The functionality of this model for display are obvious, as anybody will surely recognize it sitting on your dresser.  It is built on a 32X32 base plate, and the raptors' tails can stick out just a bit, but other than that, the model takes up relatively little space.  You may display it however you like, also.  The raptors are easily moved around, as is Owen.


The raptors are entirely stable, and will not fall apart if you accidentally drop them on a hard surface.  Owen is just as stable, and the base plate cannot be easily dismantled.

Thank you in advance for supporting this project, and have a nice day!

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