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T-Rex Visitor Centre Attack


This set is based upon the scene in the visitor centre in the Jurassic Park movie where the the two Velociraptors attack Dr. Alan Grant and his friends. Luckily, the T-Rex comes and saves the day by eating one of the Velociraptors while the other Velociraptor escapes. This set includes the following minifigures: Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, Tim Murphy, Lex Murphy, Dr. Ian Malcolm, Dr. Henry Wu, one Tyrannosaurus Rex, three baby Tyrannosaurus Rexs, and two Velociraptors. Please note:

  • Dr. Wu is carrying a piece of amber that contains dinosaur DNA needed to make three baby T-Rexs (three baby T-Rexs are shown in this set but not found in the movie).
  • There is a piece of glass in the set that falls on one of the raptors.
  • All the ropes, bones, and boards represent when the T-Rex knocks the skeleton down and when the velociraptors knock down the bridge.
  • When the T-Rex knocks over one of the velociraptors, this raptor when it gets up trips over one of the ropes.
  • This set includes tranqualizer darts, electro spears, a torch, and dinosaur medicine (found in the hands of Ellie and Tim).
  • The set also includes a secret exit door that is seen in the movie.
  • Ellie standing on top of the T-Rex is not seen in the movie.

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