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Thundercats: Thundertank

This model is the vehicle of the Thundercats TV animated series, the Thundertank, which became very popular in the 80's, at that time the toy allowed to put two action figures, and many people could not own it. Today, this series still has many followers, who are also fans of Lego, and we would like that the lovers of this series have the opportunity to enjoy assembling and playing with it in Lego, as we did with this model.

The model presented maintains the detail of the original toy, only for two figures, Mouth opens and closes, the claws go up and down showing the cannons below, the rear compartment roof lids open and close, and closed can hold a figure and the main cannon at the same time. In addition, it has mobility through 6 wheels, each front cannon has a wheel as in the series and this set include two figures: Lion-o and Panthro. Thanks to its size of 20X12 studs it makes the model very compact having around 370 pieces.

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