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Lego Highway Patrol


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These Police cars have been made for patrolling the Lego highways. They are meant to provide contrast to past and present white/blue police cars, and represent yet another division of the police force. Not only are these cars meant to represent a different theme, they are also made to resemble two types of police cars that are commonly used in North American police forces. These two reasons are why i think people would be interested in buying a set like this. An under cover car is included as well, used to perform DUI traffic stops and surprise those who don't abide by the rules. The minifigs included are meant to represent American sheriffs/highway patrol officers.

To design this set, I used current police cars made by Lego and heavily modified them to give them a unique look. As mentioned, styles are influenced by police cars used today. The undercover police car is meant to look like a civilian car while containing lights hidden behind the grill, lights, and back windshield. Bricks used as the base are mainly seen in other Lego City car sets.

Note: please leave a comment with suggestions/feedback and I will respond. Updates will be posted when major changes are made. Thanks!

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