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ZAXXON Classic Arcade


This LEGO set is based on one of my favorite classic arcade games from 1982 - ZAXXON!  The simulated 3d graphics in this game were considered revolutionary at the time, and I've always loved the design.  My micro-scale set combines elements from several different levels of the game into one action-packed scene!  The space fighter jet can be slid along through the enemy base while remaining securely mounted to a grove in the back wall.  The Zaxxon robot has missile arms that rotate freely and features cool metallic components that are protected under his clear head piece.  

I see this set as part of a themed series that would include other classic arcade games presented in this diorama format.  Older video games translate beautifully to LEGO construction because of their low-res pixelated graphics.  There are dozens of amazing games that could be represented in this theme.

This set would be really eye-catching on the shelves, and would appeal to adult LEGO builders and children as well.  Additionally- the Zaxxon robot could be marketed as a self-contained set with a smaller number of pieces.

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