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Northern Woods Rustic Camp



I just like to thanks the 1000 people who supported me! We now have another 182 extra days. Thanks all!!!


Snow has fallen!

Yeah! Finally snow has fallen. Now there is snow on the ground, roof, and trees! Make sure to look for more updates. There will be some more winter updates. After all, you can do a lot at camp in the snow!



Hello everyone! I've gotten so many supports over these past couple days so I am thanking everybody who has helped! Also, I would like some Ideas for updates. Do you guys have any Ideas? If so, just leave a suggestion in comments and maybe I will make it for an update! Thanks!



Thank you Lego Ideas Staff for the staff pick! It was just the boost this project needed. Thank you to all who supported too! Keep an eye out because there will be more updates!




I made this new update for the watercraft. It shows two people canoeing out in the wilderness.It includes two minifigures, a canoe, and the landscaping. Hope you like it!


Fall Colors

I made the birch trees to fall colors. They include a nice yellow, orange-yellow, orange, and red. The pine trees stay green since they are are evergreens. Hope you like it. Make sure to see more updates.


Old Shower House

I have made this new update. It is a old shower house and includes the shower house, the deck, the pump for water, and trees. This is also based on a place I use to go too. I hope you like it! Please tell your friends and keep your eyes open for more updates! Thank you!


101 Votes In Two Days!!!

I would just like to say thank you too all the people who supported this project so far. In about two days, we got over 100 votes! If we keep this up, we can make to most popular of the week! And from there, we can get this project going far. Thanks again!


New Front Picture

I edited my original front picture because I misspelled the word northern in the picture. So I made a new one that is spelled right. Sorry about that!