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Northern Woods Rustic Camp


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The Northern Woods Rustic Camp! I got the idea to build this because of a camp I used to go to and because I like camping. With no running water or electricity, it is sort of a rustic camp. Also, with lots of trees and camp activities, it looks just like a real camp.

This set is a great collection of camping activities. It includes the cabin, the outhouse, the fire pit, the outdoor kitchen, the watercraft, and the trees. So lets start with the cabin. The cabin is the main feature of this set and includes a deck on both levels, firewood, two bunk beds, four mini dressers built into the beds, and an old potbelly stove inside. The cabin's right side wall can swing open to see inside (as you can see in one of the pictures). It was designed with a two story ceiling and windows that go all the way up to the roof. On the outside, there is a stack of wood (for the stove) and two decks (one is a balcony above the other deck). The outhouse is built up on stilts and has an opening door (not much for the outhouse). The fire pit includes a fire, and two benches. Now the out door kitchen was fun to build. It includes a fireplace to cook on, two chairs and tables, dishes, bottles, boxes, and other kitchen needs. The watercraft includes two kayaks with paddles and one canoe with two paddles (the canoe is one piece). I also made two kinds of trees. There is a pine and birch tree. Most of the trees in the pictures are just for decoration. Well that just about sums it up! And if you want, please check out my other projects! Also, don't forget to check for updates!

                                              I hope you like it and thank you for the supports!