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A Visit to St. Nick

Which adult on this sight or young teenager doesn't recall their first visit to SANTA in this my version called; A VISIT TO ST. NICK (Santa's real name and (lol) mine) I recall that visit! I have seen many versions of this on the net but most are too large too cumbersome and have way too many pieces! Mine is simple and is done in what I call "LEGO Style". When I did this one I envisioned it as LEGO's Annual Christmas offering to its VIP Members! It would be this and another set my version of SANTA'S SLEIGH soon to be posted! Here we see SANTA sitting on his throne, an ELF helper, a PHOTOGRAPHER taking pictures of the Children with "Good Old St. Nick"!, Santa hands a small present to the children who come to see him and the elf hands out lollipops! We also have a father and son (with his letter to Santa and a grandmother who is bringing her granddaughter to see Santa)! One lucky kid a day even gets a teddy bear! It has the LEGO Winter Village signature of the Christmas Wreath and a castle-like quality. I know my favorite picture of me way back then was my picture with Santa, (lol) . What collector wouldn't want to add this to his LEGO Winter Village Series?

A detailed view of the Christmas Tree surrounded with presents! Here you can see the railing for crowd control!

The rear view!

I even got into the act as I had my picture taken with SANTA a.k.a. St. Nick!!! (At least my Sig-fig did!) By the way did you notice my Sig-Fig looks like me as in my Avatar for LEGO CUUSOO with the Lego built Santa!

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