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Minnie Mouse Bowtique


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 Minnie's Bowtique is a cartoon show with Minnie & Daisy in Minnie's  shop where one could go for a fine bows of all colors and designs, be it Daisy, Clarabelle or any other Disney Character. I worked hard to capture the show to the finest details! Since in the show there are Saloon doors, I used them as the front door rather then the Dutch doors used on the show! I was happy the BOW on top of the store worked out just fine! Minnie, just as in the show has a work table to make her beautiful bows! She even provides cologne, lipstick and a brush for her clients to freshen up! The cat, Figaro and bird, Cockoo Loca from the show are included and Cockoo Loca is exact right down to her purple ribbon! The cabinet that houses more ribbons for sale has been stylized and Minnie is wearing her shop dress complete with an apron! The ribbons are on display in the shop's window as well as on the spinning rack! (I am showing both types of windows: clear and light blue transparent.) I loved the way I also stylized the planters on each end of the shop as well as the mirror! I owe a lot to this design to the Disney Princess Pets series I got a lot of its basics from it! I added flags to round it out! This set has plenty of "play value" a shopping bag to collect your purchase! A cash register and a drawer to store the money. Minnie even has a mug for here iced tea! I hope you enjoy it. It would make a great play set not only for girls but boys as well! The boys can role play Mickey and Donald visit the store to pick up their dated Minnie and Daisy!

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