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Mega-power Arm


One finger

Only one day. One more day and the year is close.

Thanks all the supporters. I will clap for you with big hands...


Give me five to Christmas

Five new supports lol lol lol


Merry Christmas!!


By Hand

I don´t have money to build my projects in real bricks,

I only have minifigures!!

I´m a poor man!!


Give me Five or Hands Up whatever...


When Mega isn´t fighting he needs to put a hand. But not a normal hand...


Game Over

After the battle versus the Octopus-Shark Hordes, our hero is destroyed!!

He is very tired.

He needs a holiday... And more Support!!


Mega-ketchup Arm Man

Today isn´t Saint Patrick Day, It´s Ketchup Day!!. So, while Lego ideas is rejecting again and again my next project (two weeks trying), I´m mutating my Mega in Ketchup Man. This is a Crossover with my forgotten project Ketchup Bonsai. Ketchup Mega obtains his energy from this wonderful tree, but the tree is in The Desert of Ideas, the desert where the Ideas dies...


Happy Ketchup Day Everybody!!



Mega-power Arm VERSUS "Big Boss" Micromanager

In LEGO IDEAS exists some good heroes who fights for justice. One of them is in a project of ru8y riding a Dodge Charge. He defeated a Big boss micromanager (based in LEGO MOVIE) in a update.

Now he is defying me to fight another big boss to prove who is the fastest hero in LEGO IDEAS. Challenge acepted!

In only one shot Mega can do scrap with the micromanager, can anyone match this...

LOL this is a joke. don´t worry ru8y. Let the people decide who project is the greatest lego hero.


what do you think? we are waiting for your comments...

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