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Naval Wars Pirate Set


it's Here now. a Large over 1400 Pcs/Pzs set! New Pirate Exclusive! this giant set includes:

  • a Tiny island
  • Little Dock
  • 2 Boats
  • a Catapult raft with sail
  • a BIG Soldiers Fort
  • Skull Helm Pirate Ship
  • Imperial Flagship III (the first one was from 90's. the second one is from 2010 or 2011)

The Raft includes a Catapult, a Sail, and a Box of ammo

Fortress Includes 2 Cannons, a dismountable wall, a Jail, and a Crane with Treasure Chest

Skull Helm Pirate Ship includes: 3 Boxes, 6 Cannons and Openable doors

Imperial Flagship III includes 8 Cannons, 3 Deck Floors: Under-Deck with Cannons, Main Deck, and Upper Deck and a Treasure Map

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