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Research Geology Adventures


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This is a collaborative project created by Circeverba and Whatsuptoday to encourage adventures based on Research Geology.

Field geologists study rocks using clues from the past to understand Earth's history and modern processes. Geology includes the exploration of natural resources (e.g. gas, precious metals, petroleum), understanding natural hazards to mitigate future disasters (e.g. earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes), studying aeolian, igneous, marine, tectonic, structural processes, and encompasses many other fields of study.

The overall project consists of approximately 446 bricks! The set will include the all-terrain vehicle, 3 minifigures, the living quarters, a miniature field laboratory, and all the accessories that a geologist needs.

Accessories include:

  • The obligatory geology dog
  • Geologic map which shows rock units by color at the surface
  • Compass (brunton)
  • Rock hammers, pick axe, shovel for digging
  • Radios
  • Magnifying glass for close inspection of minerals

The unique design of the truck includes:

  • Opening front hood
  • The four wheels are independent to simulate a real 4x4 vehicle and possess shock absorbers compounds made of flexible bars.
  • The four doors open for access to three minifigures and store essential tools.
  • It is easy to detach the cab of the truck housing which is fixed by four studs.
  • The rear back plate tilts 90 ° to turn into a small laboratory that contains a computer, a field microscope, and tools!

The features of the removable living quarters include:

  • Two bunks for the tired geologist
  • The built-in stairs access the cab and pivots 90 °. This piece also serves as support to make the cabin free standing separate from the truck.
  • The front door rotates 180 ° for easy access.
  • The entire roof opens for a total playability and viewing.
  • A radio antenna rotates 180 ° and an adjustable satellite dish for data processing, GPS, and atmospheric readings.

The set is intended to be an interchangeable module by using the base of the hinge of the rear back plate. This portion of the set can be adapted to other modules besides the living quarters.

You can view the full geologic map of the U.S. at the U.S.G.S.

Stay tuned for an educational eBook and video in the update section! 

Thank you for your support. We can change the world, one geek at a time!

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